B.A. in Geoscience

The Bachelor of Arts in geoscience requires a minimum of 120 s.h., including at least 51 s.h. (17-18 courses) of work for the major (35 s.h. in geoscience courses and at least 16 s.h. in supporting disciplines). The program is designed to provide students with a varied background in geology and a broader choice of electives than is practical in the B.S. program. The B.A. is intended for students who are interested in the fundamentals of geology or earth science teaching (see Teaching and Learning, College of Education, in the Catalog). Completing the minimum requirements for this degree may not adequately prepare a student for an entry-level professional job in geology.

Students must complete the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences General Education Program. The department recommends that they fulfill the foreign language requirement with French, German, Russian, or Spanish and the social sciences requirement with an approved course in economics, geography, or anthropology.
Transfer students must complete a minimum of 15 s.h. of course work in the Department of   Geoscience.
The geoscience major for a B.A. requires the following course work.

012:041 Mineralogy 4 s.h.

One of these:

012:003 Earth History and Resources 4 s.h.
012:005 Introduction to Geology 4 s.h.

One or both of these:

012:004 Evolution and the History of Life 4 s.h.
012:121 Principles of Paleontology 3 s.h.

At least three of these:

012:130 Sedimentary Geology 3 s.h.
012:132 Structural Geology (previously 012:092) 4 s.h.
012:136 Soil Genesis and Geomorphology 3 s.h.
012:138 Fluvial Geomorphology 3 s.h.
012:150 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology 4 s.h.
012:166 Hydrogeology 3 s.h.
Geoscience electives 12 s.h.

B.A. students must complete the following course work in mathematics and chemistry (these are minimum requirements).

College-level mathematics (may include computer science and statistics) 10 s.h.

At least two college-level chemistry courses (either Option 1 or Option 2) are required; chemistry courses numbered below 004:007 General Chemistry I cannot be used to satisfy the chemistry requirement for the B.A. in geoscience.
Option 1:

004:007-004:008 General Chemistry I-II 6 s.h.

Option 2:

004:011-004:012 Principles of Chemistry I-II 8 s.h.

To complete the major, students must have field experience. They may take two semesters of 012:018Geology Field Trip: Selected National Parks or 012:116 Field Trip, or one semester of each of these courses (total of 4 s.h.). Or they may take one semester of 012:112 Geologic Field Methods or the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory session.

012:018 Geology Field Trip: Selected National Parks 2, 4 s.h.
012:116 Field Trip 2, 4 s.h.
012:112 Geologic Field Methods (previously 012:093) 3 s.h.
One natural science session at Iowa Lakeside Laboratory