Gilbert Klapper

Gilbert Klapper

Professor Emeritus


Interests: Biostratigraphy, taxonomy, and biogeography of Devonian conodonts, general and quantitative biostratigraphy.

Publications: Klapper, G., 2007, Frasnian (Upper Devonian) conodont succession at Horse Spring and correlative sections, Canning Basin, Western Australia: Journal of Paleontology, v. 81, p. 513-537.
Klapper, G., 2007, Conodont taxonomy and the recognition of the Frasnian/Famennian (Upper Devonian) stage boundary: Stratigraphy, v. 4, no. 1, p. 67-76.

Klapper, G., 2009, Upper Devonian conodonts in the Canning Basin, Appendix 1, p. 405-413, in Playford, P. E., Hocking,
R. M., and Cockbain, A. E., Devonian Reef Complexes of the Canning Basin, Western Australia: Geological Survey of Western Australia Bulletin 145, 444 p.