Jeffrey A. Dorale

Jeffrey A. DoraleAssistant Professor

Stable Isotope Geochemistry

Interests: Paleoclimatology, Paleoecology, Global change. The use of isotopic and elemental tracers and chronometers to reconstruct past environmental conditions.

Publications: Dorale, J.A. and Liu, Z., 2009.  Limitations of Hendy test criteria in judging the paleoclimatic suitability of speleothems and the need for replication.  Journal of Cave and Karst Studies 71, 73-80.

Baker, R.G., Bettis, E.A. III, Mandel, R.D., Dorale, J.A., and Fredlund, G.G., 2009.  Mid-Wisconsinan  environments on the eastern Great Plains.  Quaternary Science Reviews 28, 873-889.

Denniston, R. F., DuPree, M., Dorale, J.A., Asmerom, Y., Polyak, V., and Carpenter, S.J., 2007.  Episodes of late Holocene aridity recorded by stalagmites from Devil’s Icebox Cave, central Missouri, USA.  Quaternary Research 68, 45-52.