Nancy A. Budd

Professor Nancy A. BuddProfessor

Invertebrate Paleontology

Honors Advisor

Interests: Systematics and evolutionary patterns in Cenozoic reef corals, paleoecology of reef, morphometrics.

Publications: Budd, A.F. and J.M. Pandolfi. 2004. Overlapping species boundaries and hybridization within the Montastraea “annularis” reef coral complex in the Pleistocene of the Bahama Islands. Paleobiology 30: 396-425.

Fukami, H., A.F. Budd, G. Paulay, A. Solé-Cava, C.A. Chen, K. Iwao, and N. Knowlton. 2004. Conventional Taxonomy Obscures Deep Divergence between Pacific and Atlantic Corals. Nature 427: 832-835.

Johnson, K. G., J. B. C. Jackson, and A. F. Budd, 2008. Caribbean reef development was independent of coral diversity over 28 million years. Science 319(5869): 1521-1523.