Brian Witzke

Brian WitzkeAdjunct Associate Professor

Sedimentary Geology



Interests: Paleozoic and Cretaceous lithostratigraphy, depositional environments; sedimentary petrology, especially carbonate rocks, conodont biostratigraphy, invertebrate paleontology (especially brachiopods, mollusks, echinoderms), vertebrate paleontology, late Cenozoic history of the Great Plains, Phanerozoic paleogeographic and paleoclimatic studies.

Publications: Witzke, B.J., and Bunker, B.J., 1996, Relative sea-level changes during Middle Ordovician through Mississippian deposition in the Iowa area, North American craton, in Witzke, B.J., Ludvigson, G.A., and Day, J., eds., Paleozoic Sequence Stratigraphy:  Geological Society of America, Special Paper 306, p. 307-330.

Witzke, B.J., and Johnson, M.E., 1999, Silurian brachiopod and related benthic communities from carbonate platform and mound environments of Iowa and surrounding areas, in Boucot, A.J., and Lawson, J.D., eds., Paleocommunities: A Case Study from the Silurian and Lower Devonian: Cambridge University Press, p. 806-840.

Witzke, B.J., and Metzger, R.A., 2005, Ordovician conodonts and stratigraphy of the St. Peter Sandstone and Glenwood Shale, central United States:  Bulletins of American Paleontology, no. 369, p. 53-91.