Caroline A. Davis

Adjunct Professor Caroline Davis

Adjunct Assistant Professor


Interests: Real-time nitrate and water quality data acquisition at Lake Odessa, Louisa County, Iowa

Publications: Davis, C.A., Atekwana, E.A., Atekwana, E.A., Werkema Jr., D.D., and Abdel Aal, G.Z. (2011), On the direct contribution of microbial metabolic byproducts to the electrical properties of porous media. Geophysics, Inpreparation for publication.

Davis, C.A., Slater, L.D., Kulessa, B., Ferguson, A., Atekwana, E.A., Doherty, R., and Kalin, R. (2010), Selfpotentialsignatures associated with an injection experiment at an in-situ biological permeable reactive barrier.Near Surface Geophysics, 8 (6), 541-551.

Davis, C.A., Pyrak-Nolte, L.J., Atekwana, E.A., Werkema Jr., D.D., and Haugen, M.E. (2010), Acoustic and
electrical property changes due to microbial growth and biofilm formation in porous media. Journal of Geophysical
Research, 115, G00G06, doi:10.1029/2009JG001143.

Davis, C.A., Pyrak-Nolte, L.J., Atekwana, E.A., Werkema, D.D., and Haugen, M.E. (2009), Microbial-induced
heterogeneity in the acoustic properties of porous media. Geophysical Research Letters, 36, L21405,