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  Name Degree Objective Area of Interest Office Advisor      
avatar Adam Cossette Ph.D. Paleontology B24D Chris Brochu
avatar Brennan van Alderwerelt Ph.D. Planetary Geology TH 23 Ingrid Ukstins-Peate
avatar Chris Haring Ph.D. Fluvial Geomorf TH 242 Frank Weirich
avatar David Burney M.S. Igneous Petrology 120F David Peate
avatar David Cordie M.S. Paleontology TH 233 Nancy Budd
avatar David Tarailo Ph.D. Paleontology TH 11 Chris Brochu
avatar Deb Waggett M.S. vertebrate paleo 121F Trow Art Bettis
avatar Diar Ibrahim Ph.D. Petroleum -Tectonics TH 135A Bill McClelland
avatar Emilia Bristow Ph.D. Hydrology/Geophysics TH 11 Frank Weirich
avatar Jess Miller-Camp Ph.D. Paleontology TH 233 Chris Brochu
avatar Jikhan Jung Ph.D. Paleontology TH 263 Nancy Budd
avatar Joe Cullin M.S. Hydrology TH 23A Adam Ward
avatar Kara Prior M.S. Hydrology TH B24D Adam Ward
avatar Kathryn Rathbun Ph.D. Planetary geology B24B TH Ingrid Ukstins-Peate
avatar Kelli Parsons M.S. Soils 11 TH Art Bettis
avatar Maija Sipola Ph.D. Geoarchaeology TH 135A Art Bettis
avatar Mary Weber M.S. Hydrogeology 251 Adam Ward
avatar MaryKathryn Rocheford Ph.D. Geoarchaeology TH 135A Art Bettis
avatar Matt Jefferson M.S. Volcanology TH B24G Ingrid Ukstins-Peate
avatar Matthew Burkey Ph.D. Paleontology TR B24F Chris Brochu
avatar Matthew Even M.S. Geoscience B 24F Adam Ward
avatar Matthew Tibbits Ph.D. Paleoneology TH B24G Nancy Budd
avatar Meredith Petrie Ph.D. Structure TH 251 Jane Gilotti
avatar Neo McAdams Ph.D. Paleontology 212 TH Jonathan Adrain
avatar Paula Miller M.S. Geoscience Halsey B2 Jeff Dorale
avatar Rachel Guest M.S. vert. paleontology B24F Chris Brochu
avatar Samuel Smidt M.S. Hydrogeology TH 23 Adam Ward
avatar Sierra Isard M.S. Structural Geology TH 23 Jane Gilotti
avatar Tawny Tibbits Ph.D. Geoarchaeology B24B TH Art Bettis
avatar Wentao Cao Ph.D. Structural Geology TH B24D Jane Gilotti
avatar William Ward Ph.D. Tectonics TH 19 Bill McClelland